Escape Awarded Stateroom FAQs

What type of category of stateroom is the Escape Awarded Stateroom

The Escape Awarded Stateroom is a standard inside stateroom. It does not include port fees, taxes, or gratuities.

Do I have to pay for anything?

As a recipient of an Escape Awarded Stateroom, you are responsible for paying for the qualifying purchase, port fees, taxes, and gratuities. As well as any flights, transportation, accommodations, and onboard charges.

Will I still receive the “Up to $1,200 onboard Effy Jewelry Credit” as advertised to be used on the Escape Charter?

No, this benefit is only offered to our guests who purchase staterooms.

When I claim my Escape Awarded Stateroom, am I eligible to win the 10 carats of diamond jewelry giveaway and the 45k Shopping Spree?

Yes, as well as being eligible for any prizes or free gifts offered on the Escape with Effy Inaugural Charter. The only offer you are excluded from by sailing in the Escape Awarded Stateroom is the onboard jewelry credit.

Is there a limit to how many Escape Awarded Staterooms I can qualify for?

Yes – only 1 Escape Awarded Stateroom can be awarded per stateroom, per voyage.

What if my spouse and I each make a qualifying purchase on this cruise?

If you are sailing together in the same stateroom during the voyage when you each make a qualifying purchase, you will only receive 1 Escape Awarded Stateroom; the limit is 1 Escape Awarded Stateroom, per stateroom, per voyage.

Can I transfer my Escape Awarded Stateroom to someone else?

No, but you can bring whomever you wish as the second person in your Escape Awarded Stateroom.

Can the Escape Awarded Stateroom be transferred to a future date?

No, the Escape Awarded Stateroom is only valid on the Escape with Effy Charter Cruise sailing on August 18th, 2024.

How many people can sail in the Escape Awarded Stateroom?

The Escape Awarded Stateroom includes 2 cruise fares. If you would like to add a third person to your stateroom, you will be responsible for paying the additional fare and associated costs. This will be based on availability.

Are there ADA-accessible staterooms available as an Escape Awarded Stateroom?

Any stateroom awarded is available on a “while supplies last” basis -the shoreside team can assist to see what accommodations are available.

Can I upgrade my Escape Awarded Stateroom?

Absolutely, all upgrades are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

What if I know someone who wants to take advantage of this offer but is not sailing on this cruise?

They can make any purchase of $4,500 or more on the website and earn an Escape Awarded Stateroom.

Are there other places I can buy Effy Jewelry and take advantage of this offer?

The Escape Awarded Staterooms are only available through qualifying purchases made on a Holland America Vessel or at

How many Escape Awarded Staterooms are there?

This changes every day based on how many people are purchasing and claiming their Escape Awarded Staterooms by the minute.

How do I make sure and claim my Escape Awarded Stateroom before they run out?

Once your qualifying purchase is made, you will receive an e-mail within 3 business days. Your email will include an access link/portal for you to claim your stateroom.

Once you have claimed your Escape Awarded Stateroom – you have 7 days to complete the registration before the Escape Awarded Stateroom is no longer available to you.

What if I do not receive an e-mail?

Our Escape Awarded Stateroom customer service team can assist you by e-mailing

Will I be charged anything when I complete my registration?

Yes, when you complete your registration, you will pay your port fees, taxes, and gratuities.

What if I have questions during the registration process?

Our Escape Reservations Team can assist you, for Escape Awarded Stateroom questions call 1-888-998-3374.

What if I register for my Escape Awarded Stateroom but change my mind?

In the event you are unable to attend the voyage and have notified Effy at least 90 days prior to the departure date, you will receive a full refund of the port fees and taxes. For cancellations made less than 60 days in advance of the voyage, you will not receive a refund of the port fees and taxes, however you will not be charged any additional fees. If you fail to notify Effy and do not attend the voyage, you will be charged the cost of the cabin for this voyage, which is $2,200 for an inside stateroom.

What happens if you run out of Escape Awarded Staterooms?

When we run out of Escape Awarded Staterooms, the promotion is discontinued, this offer is based on availability.

Is there a minimum age to sail on Escape with Effy Charter?

The Escape with Effy Charter is open to guests 18+.

How much are the port fees, taxes, & gratuities?

Rates can vary based on conditions, itinerary changes, and accommodations; detailed answers can be provided by the shoreside team during the registration process.

How much would a 3rd or 4th person cost to add to my Escape Awarded Stateroom reservation?

This can vary depending on whether you choose to upgrade your stateroom, The Escape Reservations Team can assist you.

* Escape Awarded Staterooms subject to availability