The Alaska glaciers you'll see from the Holland America cruise ship rival the Effy Jewelry onboard.

What to Pack for Alaska in August

February 19, 2024

Outfit Your Holland America Line Cruise Vacation

When the humidity of August sets in for summer, be one of the lucky few who’s swapping flip-flops for fleeces and sunhats for ski beanies. The Escape with Effy Charter Cruise sails from Seattle on August 18th for a week-long Alaska cruise on Holland America Line’s Westerdam. Book now — the best suites and staterooms are going fast.

For this summer vacation, prepare to navigate through the cooler, mist-shrouded beauty of Juneau, Ketchikan, and Sitka, and the surprise of sunny shores in Victoria, Canada. Pack like a pro for the great outdoors on shore and the Effy jewelry events onboard.

Weather the Alaskan Weather: What to Expect When You’re Expecting Rain

  • Juneau Cruise Weather: The thrill of this temperature rollercoaster ranges from lows in the low 50s to highs in high 60s. August in Juneau is like that friend who can’t decide between salad or fries—it’s unpredictably wet and sunny. Pack an umbrella and your optimism.

  • Ketchikan Cruise Weather: Welcome to the rain capital, where showers are more reliable than morning alarms. Ketchikan gets 140 to 160 inches of annual rain, and the town measures it with the Liquid Sunshine Gauge, a testament to its good-humored acceptance of the weather.

  • Sitka Cruise Weather: Sitka’s weather plays it cool with similar temps and slightly less rain. Pack for a light drizzle and occasional sun sightings.

  • Victoria Cruise Weather: Canada’s City of Gardens will welcome Holland America Line with its dry season in full swing, and temperatures flirting with the 70s. The climate invites leisurely strolls through flower displays and afternoon teas with post-worthy views.
On your Holland America cruise to Alaska, visit Gold Rush era towns surrounded by the great outdoors of the Last Frontier.

Packing Tips for an Alaska Cruise: How to Dress Like an Onion

  • Waterproof Outer Layers: As unpredictable as the sea, Alaska’s weather dictates that waterproof layering is key. Lightweight, packable puffer coats and versatile rain jackets that transform into vests are essential pieces that say, “I’m ready for adventure” or at least, “I’m prepared to stay warm and dry.”

  • Outfit of the Day: The art of layering continues for your cruise vacation. Pack lightweight pieces that easily peel off or add on as the crisp, wet weather plays its guessing game. Plan ahead for your Alaska adventures to ensure you’re ready for anything.

  • Cruise Vacation Footwear: Your shoes should scream comfort and whisper waterproof. From hiking boots and trail shoes to slip-on sneakers and deck loafers, splash through puddles and explore rugged terrain with dry, warm confidence on your Alaska shore excursions.

  • Essential Accessories: Heat-keeping hats, scarves, and gloves are your new best friends for summer in the Last Frontier. SPF and polarized UV glasses are your defense against sneaky sun rays and glares off the glaciers. 

  • Binoculars and Pro Camera: Essential for capturing “Did you see that?!” moments — because what’s an Alaskan cruise with Effy without brag-worthy posts of eagles, whales, glaciers, and luxury jewelry?

  • Get Dressed Up: Effy is planning a week-long itinerary packed with shopping parties and try-on events where you can drench yourself in diamonds. You’ll want onboard outfits fitting for such occasions. Pack for behind-the-scenes with VIPs, diamond-inspired galas, and meeting Effy owners, Bobby and Benny Hematian. 

Enjoy a steak or seafood on an Alaska cruise and share a meal with Effy jewelry lovers.

A shipload of jewelry collectors, industry experts, cruise enthusiasts have already secured their spots on the Holland America Westerdam. Book your 7-day Alaska cruise vacation now and start strategizing your perfect packing plan.