How To Buy Jewelry on a Cruise

January 30, 2024

The Hidden Gems of Cruise Vacations

Setting sail on an Alaska cruise vacation presents a unique opportunity to indulge in unexpected luxury. Beyond the majestic Alaskan glaciers, mountains, and Gold Rush era port towns, the exquisite world of high-end jewelry shopping awaits onboard. 

More than a mere pastime, this is a refined journey into a world of exclusivity, craftsmanship, and value. Finding your iconic piece of fine jewelry at sea goes beyond souvenir shopping — it is an integral, sparkling part of the cruise experience.

Mixing the allure of an Alaska sailing adventure with the thrill of jewelry shopping opens up an avenue of indulgence in a once-in-a-lifetime maritime setting. And buying jewelry on a cruise vacation is extra special because of the cherished memories that will forever be linked to the piece.

Why Shop for Jewelry on a Cruise?

Holland America and Effy Jewelry are teaming up for an epic cruise to Alaska in August 2024.

In your own jewelry box, every treasure tells a story, like a luxury scrapbook of precious gems. And when those special pieces are passed down, so too are their origin stories of special shopping memories. Jewelry shopping is one of the top things to do on a cruise vacation because it marks the memories that make up a life of special moments. 

Understanding Tax- and Duty-Free Shopping

One of the most compelling reasons to buy jewelry on a cruise are the tax- and duty-free deals. This cruising benefit allows you to purchase items without paying the local sales tax or import duties that would normally be added to the price in a US retail store. This system is typically available in international travel zones, such as airports and cruise ships.

  • How Duty-Free Works on a Cruise Ship: When your cruise ship is in international waters, typically more than 12 nautical miles from the coast, the onboard shops can sell goods tax- and duty-free.

  • Practical Example: Imagine you’re eyeing a diamond ring priced at $4,000 on your Effy jewelry charter cruise to Alaska. If purchased in a brick-and-mortar luxury boutique, it might be subject to a state sales tax, let’s say 8%. This would add $320 to the cost, totaling $4,320. The same diamond ring bought onboard your cruise ship in international waters would cost you $4,000, as it’s exempt from the 8% sales tax, and import duties, too.

Exclusive Collections and Limited Editions

Many cruise lines, particularly those on Alaskan itineraries like Holland America, partner with luxury jewelry companies like Effy, offering exclusive collections only available onboard. These pieces are often inspired by the destinations, making them unique to the journey. The limited availability of these collections adds to their allure, increasing the value of your heirloom jewelry purchase.

Escape with Effy: Why This Cruise?

  • Book your tickets now for the Effy jewelry cruise to Alaska, August 18 – 25, 2024. Pick your preferred suite or stateroom on the Holland America Westerdam, and spend a week meeting fellow jewelry lovers, sharing your passion, and finding that perfect piece.

  • Shopping Parties, Gourmet Tastings & VIP Events: This will be the first time a luxury jewelry brand has chartered an entire Alaska cruise ship, making it an epic vacation event not to miss. Effy will host shopping parties, champagne tastings, VIP meet-and-greets, and more, all while visiting Alaska’s best destinations.

  • Onboard Jewelry Experts: Shop for Effy jewelry on this Alaska cruise and enjoy personalized consultations with luxury jewelry specialists. Meet the esteemed owners, Bobby and Benny Hematian, sons of founder Mr. Effy Hematian. Shop with them, ask questions, and delve into the stories behind each piece. Additionally, the Effy onboard team is made up of highly trained jewelry experts who are passionate about finding the perfect memento to mark this cruise vacation.

  • Effy’s Cruise Collection: Step aboard and be transported into a world where the jewelry isn’t just displayed, it’s celebrated. Shop luxury jewelry designs made exclusively for this sailing. On this special Alaska cruise, there will be pieces that fall into every budget, including an exclusive collection made to commemorate this trip.

This is not just a cruise; it’s a celebration of jewelry, cruising, and adventure. Pack your bags — and jewelry case — for a voyage that sparkles as brightly as the Northern Lights.